c. 1920
Coucher de soleil - Bord de la mer
c. 1920

Henri Martin

Toulouse 1860 - 1943 Labastide-du-Vert

Oil on board, 13 1/5 x 10 in. (33,5 x 25,5 cm). Signed lower right.

Cyrille Martin has kindly confirmed the authenticity.

Ramón Eyzaguirre (1901 - 1992), Santiago
Sale Christie's New York, 6. Oktober 1988 Nr. 22
Private collection, Huntington / New York

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The noticeably plein-air executed painting conveys spontaneity and atmosphere of the moment. From a high vantage point overlooking a green coastline, the view is going over the rough sea and the colors of the sunset on the horizon.

The painting technique shows Henri Martin unchanged as an impressionist, but the lines are less short and set in parallel as early paintings, but in the more fluid style of classical modern painting.


Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin is a renowned French impressionist artist.

Born in 1860 in Toulouse to a French cabinet maker and a mother of Italian descent, Martin successfully persuaded his father to permit him to become an artist.

He began his career in 1877 at the Toulouse School of the Fine Arts, while there he was under the tutelage of Jules Garipuy and also studied with Eugene Delacroix.

In 1879, Martin relocated to Paris and with the help of a scholarship, was able to study in Jean-Paul Laurens' studio. Four years later, he received his first medal at the Paris Salon, where he would hold his first exhibition three years later in 1886.

The year after he won his first medal, Martin was awarded a scholarship for a tour in Italy, where he studied the work of veterans such as Giotto and Masaccio. His 1889 canvas submission to the Salon earned him the gold medal for work that has been described as Pointillist. That same year he became a member of the Legion of Honour.

At the 1900 World Fair, he was awarded the Grand Prize for his work. During this period, he became friends with Auguste Rodin.

Though a well established and commended artist, Martin remained shy and introvert throughout his life, even refusing contracts from many successful Parisian dealers.

By the turn of the century he found that he no longer enjoyed living in Paris and began searching for an ideal home elsewhere. Eventually he bought Marquayrol, a mansion overlooking La Bastide du Vert, near Cahors.

In this relaxed and tranquil setting Martin began painting the countryside around his home almost exclusively and found a style and technique with which he was comfortable.

The colourful and light filled canvases he produced at this time are widely considered to be amongst his most successful works.

He continued to paint the environs around his home until his death in 1943.

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