c. 1900
Cueillette des roses
c. 1900

Jean Bertrand Pégot-Ogier

Salamanca 1877 - 1915 Attichy/Oise

Oil on cardboard, 14 1/5 x 18 in. (36 x 46 cm). Signed lower left.

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The painting shows one of the most amicable subjects of this particular artist. In the balanced strokes and harmonious colors it is regarded as a major work.



Jean-Bertrand Pégot-Ogier was born in Salamanca / Spain, the son of a wealthy family. His father was a banker, world traveler, writer and painter. He belonged to a circle of intellectuals around Victor Hugo in exile in Guernsey. The mother's maiden name was Fitzgerald from Hastings / England and in turn the daughter of a Marshal.

The couple Pégot-Ogier in 1879 acquired a beautiful property in Hennebont, Bellevue House, the so-called 'Bellevue castle'. Jean-Bertrand and his brother Fernand grow up in an educated environment, with the sciences and arts, particularly music, painting, photography and literature.

The early death of his father in 1895 and his mother in 1902 led to an over-sensitive, often pessimistic mood of the young artist.

His education he received from his father, then in Paris and Concarneau at Th. Deyrolle and Alfred Guillou.

The contact with Henry Moret, as he admiringly called 'mon maître', had seen the strongest influence on his impressionistic style development.

In the years 1900 and 1902 he first exhibited in the Paris Salon des artistes français.

After his marriage in 1905, he focused increasingly to Paris, where he opened a studio soon. In the Salon d'Automne he exhibited from 1907-13. Parallel from 1908-14, he also showed his works in the Salon des Independants. Exhibitions in the provinces (Nantes, Lorient, Brest, Tours, Roubaix) and abroad (Brussels, Cologne, Russia) followed. In 1914, he had two solo exhibitions in Paris galleries.

Then came the First World War and the artist was an officer cadet in an infantry regiment.

On 2 October 1915 Jean-Bertrand Pégot-Ogier died in combat duty in Attichy on the Oise.


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